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In April 2015 I started thinking about founding a platform for sharing. My motivation was simple:
Sharing saves money, connects people and is advantageous for the environment.

We launched the peer-to-peer sharing platform share4good.de in April 2016. One USP of the platform is that lenders can dedicate the (small) fee to a social institution or club of their choice. The idea behind this is that the German “Mittelschicht” does not need necessarily more money. And they have got almost everything on stock. If they make their goods accessible to people in need, well, why not give the money for a good purpose?
Soon it was obvious that we were still quite early. And we are still in the “wild west times” when it is not at all clear if sharing has a strong impact on how we live. Sorry to say so. On our way to play with features how to make sharing popular, we came to the conviction that sharing is a phenomenon of communities.

A glimpse into google showed that Seoul, Amsterdam and Berlin claimed quite early to be sharing cities. Nevertheless Berlin banished Airbnb.com. I wondered. How deep was their conviction? Did they have a strategy? I thought to myself: Why should only a few cities have the right to be “sharing cities”? In August 2016 we reserved the domain sharingcity.eu, later we reserved sharing-city.de as well. The respective website was launched in April 2018.

Our aim is to popularize a “sharing city rank” in order to motivate and reward cities who engage in the movement. It will also contain “best of-content” of the contributors of the sharing economy in order to help public decision takers to promote the ideas of sharing in their cities.

Cultural Consulting

Sie wollen Ihre Stadt auch zur Sharing-City machen? Wir helfen Ihnen weiter!

Das Prinzip des Teilens ist uralt. Durch das Internet wird Teilen jetzt effizient und in der Fläche nutzbar. Die Sharing-Economy erstrecht sich auf viele Bereiche wie Energie, Mobilität und auch die Integration von neuen Einwohnern. Sharing bietet die Chance für Städte, die Bürger zu vernetzen und die Identifikation mit IHRER Stadt zu erhöhnen.

Doch wie soll man starten? Nutzen Sie unsere Erfahrung in der Integration von Sharing-Konzepten. Sprechen Sie uns an!

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